Oxbow Meteor (Puppyhammer) Kit

Oxbow Kit
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    Fit and sizing is everything with Oxbows (puppyhammers :P )
    If it's too long, the hammer hits the ground. If it's too short, the poi are virtually unusable.
    The LanternSmith Oxbow Kit is designed to make sizing quick and simple, as well as providing easy adjustability for future tweaks. All you need is a screwdriver.

    The kit comes with:
    4 adjustable NodePills.
    10 feet of Smithy Rope.
    2 low-profile Ovo heads; Each with Umoja Cartridge cores that allow for easy adjustability in length and weight (130g thru 250g per side)

    You can specify a color for each of the nodes, rope and heads.

    The Rope:

    .25 inch (6.5mm) 12-strand braided Smithy rope for poi, darts, hammers, etc.

    This rope is specifically designed for soft-props and is available in 10 vivid colors. It has better abrasion and UV/sunlight resistance than the usual Nylon and MFP ropes used in most of todays instruments; it won't shrink, has lower stretch, and higher breaking strength.
    It can be cut normally, and the ends may be melted as usual.

    The Heads:

    Ovo Heads are made from hand-cast, durable silicone. 2 inches (50mm) diameter X 4 inches (100mm) long. 
    They are optimized for aerodynamics in high-speed configurations: Dart/clock/meteor/contact styles & modes; resulting in less energy required to keep the hammer turning/gliding.

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    1. Excellent prop, but watch your head

      The ovo heads are very durable and have survived hitting the ground many times (mostly on dirt, sometimes on pavement). I like the node pills better than knots. I did notice some broken strands when I unscrewed a node pill. It hasn't caused any noticeable problems, but I don't recommend repositioning them many times.

      My only complaint is that hitting myself in the head leaves me dazed. My old DIY "sock of lentils" heads didn't have that problem, but their movement was noticeably less stable (probably because of the shifting lentils). I've recently gone back to using my lentil heads on the Lanternsmith tether, both for safety and so that I'm less nervous when trying new moves. Even if you don't use the ovo heads, it's definitely worth getting the tether + node pills. It's much more responsive than my old stretchy nylon tether and has the right amount of friction for contact moves.
      on 23rd Jun 2023

    2. Fantastic

      They really put love into this produce. The fact they give you 10 feet for yout o cut to your liking is fantastic. The rope looks fantastic, and the OVO heads are perfect for this product. on 25th Sep 2022

    3. Slick, well executed product.

      Just getting into this prop and was hoping to get something I could adjust to get a good fit and would feel great so I would be excited to pick it up. I am very happy that this kit exceeded these expectations. I got the micro nodes and am very impressed with how they feel. All the parts are high quality and feel like they will hold up for a long time. A lot of thought went into this and it shows. Shipped fast too. on 8th Apr 2021

    4. Hands down the best kit available

      Fully modular and upgradeable, you can tell that somebody put a lot of thought and care into this product. It arrived earlier than expected and is a massive improvement from my improv set. Thank you guys! You're fuckin awesome! on 8th May 2020

    5. Best you can get.

      I've only had this a few days, but I can already tell that it's a massive upgrade over my previous 90mm contact ball setup. The low profile heads take much less effort to build/maintain speed. The small diameter gives you slightly more room to avoid those shin smacks. I'm currently using 2 slugs (190g) most of the time, but it is really nice to be able to adjust the weight for a heavier or lighter hammer as a training aid. This thing is awesome and to me feels like an instant upgrade. I only wish I had gotten one sooner. on 26th Jul 2018

    6. Must have

      I love the kit. Works wonderfully, and should help streamline my ability to learn puppy hammer techniques. There was just a little bit of trimming on the Ovo heads that needed to be done, but that's to be expected with castings. The umoja capsules are similar enough in size that I can switch them out for lighted ones! -make sure to order clear heads if you want to do that though- Good job lanternsmiths. Keep it up! on 6th Jul 2015

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