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Voxel Clubs
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    Coming soon!

    LanternSmith has partnered with Prop Logic, a Virtual Reality startup - we're going full digital!

    The Voxel Series of tracker props accept HTC Vive Tracker modules, and are designed to protect them from the abuse of daily spinning.

    They are 3D printed in a rugged TPU material, and the 3D design files will be made open source under the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license later this year.

    LanternSmith currently has four props that will be available for sale by us directly, or downloadable as 3D files so that your local 3D printer guru can make them and tinker with the designs. They are in the final stages of testing and debugging:

    1. Voxel Poi
      These enable 4-points of high-precision, low-latency tracking in 6-Degrees-of-freedom: one at each of the two heads, and one at each hand.

    2. Voxel Dragon
      A top-class carbon fiber dragon staff with quad-tracker mounts at the heads for ultra-precise 6-DOF tracking.

    3. Voxel Clubs
      Designed to take an absolute beating while protecting the tracker from ground strikes.

    4. Voxel Doubles
      A modular attachment for the Voxel Poi heads that converts them into single-tracker 6-DOF virtual staves.
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