SpinOptic™ 2.0 LED Poi (Color RGB)

The world's first electric poi designed to glow from head to handle.
USD 289.98


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    The world's first LED poi to glow from head to handle!

    • Our objective is to bring as much of the aesthetic from daytime spinning into night as possible.
    • The glowing tethers add an entirely new dimension to spinning glow props at night.
    • The glowing handles unlock all sorts of tosses that are difficult without visual feedback.

    SpinOptic Cable Tethers:

    • Highly flexible, among the most flexible side-glowing cables in the world
    • Swivel bearing at the head
    • Welded connection points at the head and handle
    • Moderate-low stretch
    • NOTE: The cable length is NOT adjustable, you must order the correct length at purchase.

    Compatible with Umoja or Ovo heads:

    • 90mm Umoja heads for contact poi - total weight with batteries: ~180g
    • Low-profile Ovo heads - total weight with batteries: ~180g

    Pom or OvoGrip™ Handles:

    • Optically coupled to the fiberoptics in the tether = glowing handles!

    SpinOptic LED modules:

    • Precision machined aluminum body - built like a tank
    • Highly water-resistant seals at the joints
    • Ultra-bright RGB LED - one of the most efficient available

    3 modes:

    • Practice - 30 hours. Soft, intimate light for the dark corners of festivals and forests
    • Play - 6 hours. Unoffensive, but social and present
    • Perform - 2.5 hours. OMG that's bright! put that up on a stage!

    All SpinOptic Poi come standard with:

    • Batteries
    • A USB battery charger
    • Warranty & documentation/instructions


    Instruction Manual available for download here!

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    1. What I was waiting for, 1 year and going strong.

      When podpoi came out I thought they were nice, but too light and not good for contact.

      Spinoptic poi are amazing. Being able to see an illuminated handle and teather during tosses is crucial. I have the umoja spheres and they are great. Had them for a year now, still doing great.
      on 12th Nov 2016

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    • Drex's Tech Poi Blog #395: Spinoptic Poi Review
      Spinoptic Poi are LED contact poi made by Lanternsmith. They h...

    Drex's Tech Poi Blog #395: Spinoptic Poi Review

    Spinoptic Poi are LED contact poi made by Lanternsmith. They have the unique distinction of being the only currently available option for a light-up tether in the contact poi world. Here is my review of Spinoptics! Probably the most exciting thing to happen to poi since technora--LanternSmith's new Spinoptic poi! Fiberoptic tethers and high intensity LEDs create a really cool new spinning experience. Here I talk a bit about the pros and cons as well as some of the more commonly asked questions about these. I'm a huge fan of them and would highly encourage those of you out there who are curious about them to check out LanternSmith's crowdfunding campaign for the first batch of them here: http://www.lanternsmith.com/spinoptic-poi-donation/
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