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    Classic NodePill in a dart friendly format, also great for Oxbow / Puppyhammers.

    MicroNodes are made to offer an extremely low profile. Slides through hands easily, and doesn't snag, catch, or pinch. Very soft on skin.

    Fully adjustable, just like all our NodePills!

    100% Stainless Steel


    • 1/4" Smithy Rope
    • 3/16" Technora / Specta / Dyneema


    Note: Inserting rope is difficult unless you prepare the tether end properly. 

    • If using a multi-filament material (i.e. Smithy Rope or MFP), melt end to a point that is smaller than MicroNode opening.
    • If using aramids (i.e. Technora, Kevlar, Zylon, etc.) bind the tether end with thread.


    Each order includes .05" allen key.

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    1. The next generation of nodes

      So yeah these things are butter, slide of your hand but remain a good point of contact and easy to find. The stainless steel can either feel cold or warm due to your environment/usage and that temperature difference makes an interesting identifier compared to just sense of touch alone. I am not the most amazing with the hammer but I picked up the rope dart first and there is nothing I can do with that that doesn't feel comfortable now.

      I used smithy rope with flowtoys swivels and weld rings to create a custom hammer for myself to work with modified pod poi heads and it is fantastic. Look forward to enjoying this prop for years. I bought a 2nd set of nodes to make a technora fire puppy and can't wait to try it.
      on 24th Oct 2020

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