Node Pills™ V2.0

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Outer Diameter: 3/4” (.77”) / 19.5mm
Inner Diameter: 1/4” / 6.5mm
Length: 1” / 25.5mm
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    Nodepills™ are the best solution for anyone trying to quickly and easily build a high quality Oxbow Style Meteor Hammer (PuppyHammer). They feature a simple and easy to use screw-locking system to make node placement and adjustment quick, easy, and accurate.

    Made in New Hampshire


    1/4”, 6mm or 6.5mm rope is recommended for the tether. Larger sizes will not fit and smaller sizes will not accept the locking-screw properly.

    Make sure the end of the tether is melted into a cylinder that is smaller than the inside of the Nodepill to aid in feeding it through. Twist the rope as you push on it to help it slide through the node.

    Carefully position the node and double-check that it is in the correct location. Use tape or a sharpie to mark the position if you have difficulty with it moving before locking it in place.

    Use a Phillips-type screwdriver to drive the included screw into the node and through the rope. Do not over tighten or the threads will strip.


    Outer diameter: 3/4” (.77”) / 19.5mm

    Inner diameter: 1/4” / 6.5mm

    Length: 1” / 25.5mm


    Each Nodepill includes a #6 x 1/2” screw (do not over tighten, or the threads will strip)

    4 are required to build a “traditional” Oxbow Style Meteor / Puppyhammer.

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    1. If you spin oxbow, then you need these, unless you don't use nodes.

      I have used knots and even stitched nodes in my initial learning of spinning the oxbow, all of which was quite tedious to place precisely. Without proper node placement, the oxbow can be a lurch of a prop to spin. Node pills take all of the frustration out of placing your nodes.These node pills slide snugly over 1/4" tether and will hold place until you set them securely with one screw. Elegant and creative solution to node placement difficulties. Thank you! on 17th Jan 2017

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  • Outer Diameter: 3/4” (.77”) / 19.5mm
    Inner Diameter: 1/4” / 6.5mm
    Length: 1” / 25.5mm